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Xbox 360 Take-Apart Guide
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This guide will instruct you on how to take your Microsoft Xbox 360 console apart. Once successful, purchase and follow the rest of our RROD Fix Guide.

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  • Dykes / Wire cutters / Needlenose pliers
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • T8 Torx screwdriver
  • T10 Torx screwdriver
  • NutDriver with 5/16socket

required tools for taking apart the xbox 360


Taking the Console Apart

The first step to repairing your broken Xbox 360 is to disassemble the case. Let’s start by removing the hard drive. Then proceed to removing the front faceplate. This can be obtained by grabbing the faceplate by the spring loaded opening where controllers plug into. Gently pull outward until the faceplate pops off. You should then remove the silver “Microsoft” sticker.

how to take apart the xbox 360

how to take apart the xbox 360

Now you will need to remove the gray plastic side pieces of the Xbox 360. You will need a very small and thin torque screw driver or a flat blade screwdriver. Locate the first two plastic tabs within the holes and push them in with your pointed object. As you push in the tabs, lift gently on the gray panel and pull upwards, not letting go of the panel or it will snap back into place.

Now there are 4 more plastic tabs we need to push in before the gray side panel will come out. Push out the bottom side tabs first as show in the image below. You’ll want to gently pull upwards on the panel so that it will not snap back into place.

how to take apart the xbox 360

Now flip the console over and push in the remaining two tabs shown below to remove the gray plastic panel.

how to take apart the xbox 360

The final remaining side gray panel is MUCH easier to remove. We will start by pushing in all three tabs on the topside of the Xbox 360 as shown below. Flip the console over and repeat. You may need to remove the rubber grips to get to the tabs.

how to take apart the xbox 360

Now that you removed the two plastic side panels you are ready to remove the bottom part of the Xbox 360.

You are now ready to open the Xbox 360 case. Position the console so you have the back of the 360 facing you. Using your small flat head screwdriver, start from the right side, and press in each little rectangle tab as shown below. While pressing these tabs, you should be gently prying apart the two halves at the same time. If you let go, the tabs will re‐snap together, and you have to start over. This part is tricky, so take your time.


how to take apart the xbox 360

Once all seven tabs are pushed in, the case will separate as shown above. While making sure as to not snap the case back together, flip the console around so you have the front side now facing you.

Using your small flat head screwdriver, gently pry up the three tabs circled below, and pry apart the case as you do so.

how to take apart the xbox 360

You should now be left with your 360 as shown to the right. Remove the fifteen gold and silver screws using your T10 Torx screwdriver. The eight remaining black screws can be accessed using the T8 screwdriver.

how to take apart the xbox 360

Once you have removed all twenty‐three screws, flip the console over. Carefully remove the DVD eject button. The top part of the console case will now slide off.

Now that the cover is off, we must remove the DVD drive, plastic fan tunnel, and fan. Start by peeling back the small metal sticker holding down the front of the DVD drive. Once that is off, lift the drive gently out and then remove the SATA and power wires shown below. Carefully grab the white fan tunnel and pull upwards with a little force. It will pop out. Now unplug the fan. Lift up the metal piece holding down the fan so you can pull the fan forward and out.

how to take apart the xbox 360

Your console should now look like the picture above, except your DVD drive is totally removed. You now must remove the power button assembly.

Remove the white power button assembly cover by gently prying back from the top. It will pop right off. Then remove the three black screws as shown below. Once the three screws are out, gently pull the power button assembly away from the Xbox 360 case. It fits much like a USB port.

how to take apart the xbox 360

Gently, starting from the front, lift the Xbox 360 motherboard out of the case. You should now have just the motherboard in front of you as shown below.

how to take apart the xbox 360

You’re Xbox 360 is now taken apart and is ready to be fixed!

how to take apart the xbox 360

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